Published Papers

Natural Laws and Social Conventions. Exceptions as a case study. Discussion Paper series ‘Order: Gods, Mans and Nature’ online (ISSN 2045-5577), London: Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science, LSE, 2013. 

Work in Progress

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Trivial Descriptivism

Faultless Disagreement in Matters of Law (with Andrej Kristan) 

The paper focuses on legal predicates (‘constitutional’, ‘obligatory’ etc.) and their so-called faultless disagreement effects. The authors argue that among such predicates, ‘binding’ presents a novel challenge even for semantic theories that have recently been put forth, or construed, to deal with faultless disagreement in areas of discourse dwelling on matters of taste, aesthetics, ethics and knowledge. After putting a number of such theories to test, they find two styles of solution. The paper thus serves a twofold aim of addressing both semanticists and legal theorists. On the one hand, it introduces in the literature on faultless disagreement a fresh bone to bite on. On the other hand, it critically discriminates between various semantic models that have been understood so far as having a particular appeal for lawyers. 

The "Negation Problem" for Metaethical Error Theory